Key Business Activities
Today, S-One Engineering has expanded its offers to cover:

  • Air-conditioner sales, installation and services of all major brands (Chilled Water & Direct Expansion Air-con products)
  • Providing Solutions / Rectifications for Chilled water & Direct Expansion Air-con systems
  • Air-conditioner system sizing: room size vs cooling capacity
  • Air-condition control systems
  • Integration of air-condition systems to building control management system.
  • Electrical fittings and wiring for low power consumption and installations requirement LEW endorsements.
  • Fabrication of air-conditioner ducting, steel brackets for ceiling and wall mountings
  • Electrical fans and blowers, airflow balancing, hotspot remedies, electrical load balancing.
  • Single line drawings, AutoCAD drawings and Consultation proposals
  • Other ACMV related works

Service Coverage

S-One’s field operations cover the entire Singapore Island. Our technical staff is organized into few groups of professional engineers. Each team renders M & E installations and services to assigned part of the Island. We partner with experienced sub-contractors to reach out to larger scale contracts requiring bigger workforce operation.

Our People

Our Key company personnel are:
Steven Chee Director
Yong P.C General Manager

Our Clients

Our clientele includes practically customers from all commercial and industrial sectors. Today, we have matured from sub-contracting to fill the role of main contractors. We undertake to work with developers, architects, M & E consultants, Quantity surveyors, Energy savings solution partners etc.


Our growth enables us to secure a broader customer base which allows us practice economy of scale for increase productivity and cost efficiency.

Our profit plough back allows us to bide for larger projects which have not only a higher M & E content but also give us the opportunity to explore usage of better tools and moving into new areas of M&E.

Our Vision

We envisage that in another 2 to 5 years, we would become one of the top M&E companies in Singapore. Our business expansion should also see us bidding for overseas M&E projects and providing consultancy services.

Our Philosophy

To better serve the industry, we would push our technology frontier to achieve work efficiency and productivity. We will invest in training of our staff and equip them with the right knowledge and tools to deliver precise, accurate and quality work at every job. Staff is our best assets. Customers pay our salaries.

Company Achievement & Certificates

WorkHead : ME01 – Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works
Grade : L3